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This is a general web page of
David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

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It wasn't until Fall 2005 that I began to prepare these web-pages systematically. I have attempted to include older material, but do not be surprised if some of the links are broken.

Image Pages
An idyllic scene Gauthier Road
UNBC FallFall at UNBC
Winter scene in Prince GeorgeWinter
Overall teaching patterns and outlines.
Overall Summary
Meta Indexes
About UNBC
Computer Science
Senate pages
Research material and related links.
Personal eccentricities and opinions.
Parliamentary Links
Information related to Senate and Roberts Rules.
Senate pages
Rules of order (pdf)
“Friendly” Amendments
“Tabling” Motions
National Association of Parliamentarians

An idyllic scene A scene of grasses There should be a map of images added here somewhere.