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Faculty Senators

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) Senate is the senior academic decision making body of the University.

Together, it and the Board of Governors provide the governance of the University of Northern British Columbia as set out by provincial statute in the University Act.

The following information is provided as is, as a courtesy. The official list of Senate members can be found here.

As of 2020-07-01, the faculty members on Senate are:

  • Alex Aravind
  • Julius Bankole
  • Robert Budde
  • Alina-Geta Constantin
  • Balbinder Deo
  • Margot Greenwood
  • Clarence Hofsink
  • Dezene Huber
  • Peter Jackson
  • Hossein Kazemian
  • Gwen Keeler
  • Elie Korkmaz
  • Kim Stathers
  • Thomas Tannert
  • Catherine Whalen
  • Julia Wimmers-Klick
  • Christine Ho Younghusband
  • two vacancies


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