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Construction Notes

This page is jotted notes on how to fix up my main page and other pages.

  1. Timetable Semesters/2006f/hours--2006-10-02.php needs fixing.

  2. Fix the colour theme for the unvisited links on the left-bar of Fall 2006.

  3. Remove cips.php and all references to it.

  4. Fix the funky table content in

  5. Remove old-fasioned attributes from tables throughout web-site, and replace with CSS.

  6. Automate the index content on pages that create indices of materials.

  7. Improve the layout and html associated with the quotes on history.php

  8. Think about removing and/or condensing history.php.

  9. Rethink the page map-external.php .

    It claims to be a list of links. Check this out.

  10. Improve the layout and content of david-photo-info.php

  11. Consider using UNBC javascript to create menus.

  12. Use better image icons for the Outlines master page.

    • Capture the style elements of page23 style
    • Create a page style similar to that of page23 style.

  13. Add links to the ACM and CIPS on my CS-interest page.

  14. Add links to problems and contest on my CS-interest page.

  15. Rename 'index-main-left-bar-frag.php'.

  16. Add web references for bibliographies.

  17. The page Semesters/2007-05F/320/320-Solution-1.php is not connected.

  18. Rename assets/pdf/cpsc101/2007/2007-4x4 Board-4.jpg to a more appropriate directory and change its links.

  19. Change the cips.php page to say more. Remove the links to index-cips.php. Remove the links to index-nap.php. Put the links in left-bar-1.php somewhere more appropriate and kill the page.

  20. Give my-cs.php. and my-unbc.php nearly common left bars.

  21. Fix the table in Semesters/2005-05F/141-old-exams.php so that the entries are more meaningful.

  22. Add a gripe column here as a way of scoring NDP

  23. Add course titles and links to the Registrar's web-pages for all of the Outlines/Course_XXXXnnn.php pages.

  24. Add time arrows to semester course left bar links to allow a student to jump in time.

  25. Add a semester map, sort of like that found in Fall 2006, to each semester.

  26. Add links from each of the semester course web pages back to the general teaching web-page.

  27. Add a project link and links to my WCCCE papers to Outlines/Course_CPSC101.php.

  28. There seem to be a lot of stranded pieces of C++ knowledge on the Winter 2008 web-pages.

    More generally, a bunch of these knowledge pages should be separated from Semester specific pages.

  29. Fix up the links to the Bccec stuff and decide what information to put there.

  30. Put the Chalk-Talk-Extended-Abstract somewhere useful, and reframe the directory.

  31. Fix the table on page Semesters/2006-05F/index.php

  32. Add a facebook link.

  33. Link to meow records.

  34. The 2007-05F index page is difficult to get at from the other 2007-05F pages.

  35. Add learning outcomes and course purposes for at least CPSC 101, 370, and 320.

  36. Correct the meta tags in the headers of pages.

  37. Add index.html HEADER.html and README.html files to all directories, or update casper.conf to restrict directory access where appropriate.

  38. Consider how this plays out on

  39. Consider NOT using index.php and index.html as the main entry points for directories of pages.

  40. Switch to strict dtd throughout website and use xhtml tags.

  41. Add web-pages for BCCEC reports.

  42. Clean up front page crap.

  43. Fix up the Cips page.

  44. Find detached pages.

  45. Check that University act references are accurate on page http:‌//‌~casper/‌index-senate.php and others.

  46. For pages that continue to use left-bars, use <ul> rather than <table>.

  47. Add copyright information to all web pages.

  48. Fix Semesters/2006-05F/index.php to have a more beautiful table.

  49. Remove historical “sorry” links in the Semesters pages.

  50. Add information about Aldor and Aldor mode work by Jeremy Hsieh.

  51. Fix the table in /‌Semesters/‌2006-05F/index.php so that it works in Firefox.

  52. Fix the table in /Semesters/2006-01W/101-hours.php so that it works in Firefox.

  53. Fix the links in Code/emacs-lisp/Dired.php

  54. The link /assets/pdf/cpsc141/2006/2006-cpsc141-syllabus.pdf on page Outlines/AY2006.php

  55. Automate the construction of links in the tables in Outlines/Course_XXXXnnn.php.

  56. Automate the construction of the .pdf course outlines in Outlines/Course_CPSC141.php and related pages.

  57. fix the background display on Semesters/2006-05F/hours-senate.php

  58. Fix the colours in

  59. Use Semesters/2009-01W/hours-senate.php as part of the template for Senate semester web-pages. The web-page Semesters/2012-01W/hours-SCCC.php may be an even better bet.

  60. Fix the Fall 2012 schedule linking stuff. Link from page: Semesters/2012-05F/index.php

  61. Fix the background colours in Semesters/2003/141-exam-link.php

  62. Review the content of BCCEC/welcome.php

  63. Remove the cips.php page and all references to it.

  64. Check the base.php files under "Science Fiction and Fantasy/".

  65. Repair /Semesters/2007-05F/hours-office-mace.php

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