Last modified: 2021-04-23
This is a web-page of
David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

UNBC Senate AVI Steering Committee

This is not an official web-page of the University of Northern British Columbia or its Senate. Nor have the contents of this web-page been endorsed by the AVI Steering Committee.

Recent Activity:
  • This Committee reported the recommendations of the Academic Alignment Working Group and Pedagogy Working Group to the June meeting of Senate, which approved the recommendations of these two committees.

    In the case of the Pedagogy Working Group these recommendations are substantially similar to recommendations that have been circulating for the past year.

    In the case of the Academic Alignment Working Group the recommendations are to continue to build on the work that has been accomplished to date. Senate adopted the recommendations that

    1. The recommendations contained in this final report and referred to in the Appendices be the starting point to an ongoing dialogue within the University.
    2. As per the Terms of Reference, the AAWG continue to exist as a Senate-appointed Committee and work with the Senate AVI Steering Group to fully implement academic alignment-related plans by September, 2010.
    3. The University continue to investigate academic administrative structures used elsewhere in Canada and internationally and, where prudent, adopt the best elements of these models at UNBC
    4. That ideas for change that are currently being discussed and are consistent with the principles expressed above, be encouraged to continue.

  • Motions to dissolve this Committee and the Academic Alignment Working Group are pending.


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