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Courses taught by
David Casperson
Academic Year 1994–1995


In the academic year 1994–1995 I was a Term Instructor in the Mathematics and Computer Science Programme, and taught Cpsc 150Computer Applications both semesters. In addition to teaching the lectures, I also taught almost all of the laboratory sections for this course.

Some where in a far-off galaxy I have backups of old lab assignments and notes for this course, if anyone is interested in Windows 3.1 technology.

Between the two classes I taught approximately 1/3 of the UNBC students in that start-up year. From time to time, I run across such students. Should you happen to be one of them, I would love to hear from you. (Consult your old lab notes on how to send me e-mail!)

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I didn't start constructing Semester web-pages until Fall 2003.

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