Some unpublished items:

A stochastic differential equation model for the height growth of forest stands. Presented at the 5th Australian Statistical Conference. Sydney, August 1980. PDF (233 Kb). (extended, older version of reference 11 )

LP and related approaches in forest planning . Presented at IFORS'90 - 12th Triennial Conference of the International Federation of Operations Research Societies, Athens, Greece, June 25-29, 1990. (231 Kb). A slightly edited version has been published . PDF (261 Kb).

O.García and S.Salas . Normas para la instalación y medición de parcelas permanentes en plantaciones de eucalipto [Standards for the installation and measurement of permanent sample plots in eucalypt plantations] (in Spanish). Proyecto INFOR-FONDEF 2/33, Julio 1994 (revised September 1995 with C. Zunino, zipped PDF , 162 Kb)..

Apuntes de Mensura Forestal [Notes on Forest Mensuration] (65 pp, in Spanish). Forestry School, Universidad Austral de Chile. September 1995. PDF (792 Kb). Translations of Appendices on multiple regression (PDF, 131 Kb), and on errors (PDF, 101 Kb).
Full English translation (PDF, 516 Kb).

Minimum data for forest plantation management. Presented at the IUFRO Conference Minimum Data Requirements for Sustainable Forest Management, Stellenbosch, South Africa, November 1994. PDF (261 Kb).

Modelling tree branch and stem development using Pressler's model (aka the pipe model theory). Unpublished reports, ENGREF, Dec. 1995 and Jan. 1996. PDF (214 Kb).

Toward new site index curves for Douglas-fir in the Netherlands . Working Paper. Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Unit of Forestry. December 1996. PDF (214 Kb).

Mathematical modelling in forestry. Notes for talk at Department of System Theory, Econometry and Operations Research, Technical University of Vienna, Austria. April 1996. PDF (118 Kb).

Another look at growth equations. Working Paper. Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Unit of Forestry. June 1997. PDF (211 Kb).  Revised version published (publ. [47]).

Functional differential equations in sustainable forest harvesting . Working Paper . Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Unit of Forestry. July 1997. PDF (380 Kb). Revised version has been published .

A stochastic heuristic object-oriented approach to satisficing multiple-objective forest management problems (by S.M. Dewhurst and O. García). Presented at the Symposium on Systems and Models in Forestry, Punta de Tralca, Chile, March 2002. Conference handout (PDF, 267 Kb).

EasySDE User Guide.  Write-up for stochastic differential equation site-index modelling software, with hopefully intelligible explanation of concepts and methods. PDF, 231 Kb.

Notes on Forest Mensuration. Translation from Spanish, January 2004. See above.

There are course materials on growth modelling here.

An Approximation for Beekhuis' mortality model.  1981 NZ Forest Service FRI report,  cited in publication [53].  PDF (352 Kb).   Hans Beekhuis' 1966 paper deserves to be better known, I placed a copy here (PDF, 550 Kb).

Reports on loblolly pine: 2006 work documents. LobDyn details. Lobdyn output functions. Self-thinning.


Neat Models for Scruffy Data. Southern Mensurationists Conference, Jekyll Island, GA, November 2000.  PDF ( 468 Kb).

Modeldiversity. WESBOGY Association Meeting, Peace River, Alberta, September 2001.  PDF (572 Kb).

Diameter-free Growth Modelling and other Heresies. Western Mensurationists ' Conference, Leavenworth, WA, June 2002.  PDF (335 Kb).

Top Height Estimation in Lodgepole Pine Sample Plots (with A. Batho). 2003 Western Mensurationists Conference. Victoria, BC, July 1-3, 2003.  PDF (399 Kb.)

Site Index, the SDE approach. 2nd International Conference on Forest Measurements and Quantitative Methods and Management, Hot Springs, AR, June 15-18, 2004. Slides (PDF, 661 Kb).

Thinking about Time. FORCOM 2004, International Symposium on The Role of Forests for Coming Generations: Philosophy and Technology for Forest Resource Management, Utsunomiya, Japan, October 2004. Slides (PDF, 834 Kb). Paper (PDF, 94 Kb).

Modelling Mixedwoods at the Whole-Stand Level. Western Mensurationists Conference, Hilo, HI, July 2005.  Transcript (PDF, 675 Kb).  Original slides (PowerPoint, huge!).

Plant Individual-Based Modelling: More than Meets the Eye.  2008 World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling, Warsaw, Poland, 15-18 June 2008.  PDF (1.6 Mb).

Integrability, neural networks, and the empirical modelling of dynamical systems. Colloque INRA "Modélisation pour les Resources Naturalles", Montpellier, France, 18-20 June 2008.  PDF (1.8 Mb).

Planning in Forest Ecosystems: The Role of Models. Conference on Ecosystem Design for Multiple Services with an emphasis on Eurasian Boreal Forests, St. Petersburg, Russia, 9-11 November 2011.  PDF (450 Kb).


Discussions in IUFRO S4.04.06 Newsletter : "Tree planting considered harmful" and "Are multi-purpose stands such a good idea?"
Discussion on biodiversity in the FOREST list (summary)
Posting to FOREST list on diameter distributions
Posting to FOREST list on thinning diameter jump
Documentation for the forest growth sub-model in the Bukkitinggi FLORES prototype.
SEESAW slide show (reference 15 ).
García on allometry.
Cute flat TASS animations.

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