This is a bunch of older websites that I've made, including archived versions of this main website (mook online). Poke around!

Here is where I've put v1.x of the site, and over here is where to find v2.x of mook online.

Back at the beginning of grade 11 (August 2002 or so) I began working on a new version of my homepage, which I was going to name I didn't do much work on it though as my xhtml and CSS skills were rather paltry, and knew that coding every single page's links, and the navigation utility, was going to be a pain in the ass if I wasn't able to use SHTML. It's kinda funny to see it now, with this version of the site up... note the essentially identical colour scheme.

My site about the Discworld MUD, a text-based MMO, based on fantasy world created by the author Terry Pratchett. Initially there were great plans for it, but now it's a relic from my past... to quote myself: "Now all that has to be completed are the submissions by the people =) Hopefully in the future it'll be hosted under my homepage (not made by the way) and once it gets too big for that I'll make it it's own entity =) Sometime soon I'll be making it into a meeting place for Vancouver, BC mudders (much like sydmud) and future projects may include a Phoenix, AZ meeting place as well.".

"My Warhammer 40k site I'm developing with a friend. It's sorta in development, when I have the time to work on it =) Also, I'm most likely going to be shifting my efforts to making either an SoB or Eldar Alaitoc or Harlequin website, so this site will most likely change in the relatively near future (relative to the age of the Universe) when I actually have the time =b" Also defunct (noticing a pattern yet?).

"A CS clan website I'm making for a friend can be found here. Suggestions can be sent to me and are very, very welcomed." To be perfectly honest, the colour scheme for this site (v3.0 of mook online), I actually stole from my own design of this site. Not even sure my friend still needs this site, though something tells me he doesn't, as this was a request from around grade 11, too.

"Behold! A site that I made for a school project on the Haida potlatch." Now THIS is taking it way back old school. I made this back at the end of grade 10 as a year-end project, and now it lives here for posterity's sake.

You can find my really old StarCraft site that I made for an Information Technology class school project right here, this was some time back in grade 9 or 10, can't quite recall.

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