Pictures and blurbs about bikes, and bike-related news. Essentially I like bikes, mostly because I'm too damn lazy to walk, and thus prefer to roll whenever possible!

My stable now consists of around eight bikes, including the following complete bikes, and partially assembled bikes:
  1. My Nishiki Navajo that I got as my 10th birthday present
  2. A fully rigid aluminum bike which was built for commuting
  3. A 2002 Kona Stuff (named Eleanor), acquired in late 2001
  4. An early 90's Allegro Nemesis double butted, lugged steel frame, to which I've added and modified bits over time
  5. A titanium road bike frameset (currently for sale!)
  6. A small 2003 Cove G-Spot, built up for shoring and Whistler riding; this is extremely fun
  7. A 53 cm Soma Rush for velodrome use at the Burnaby Velodrome
  8. A small 16 incher Norco BMX
I'm also involved with the AMS Bike Co-op at UBC (link). The Bike Co-op is a student run, non-profit bike advocacy and education group, which aims to make UBC a better place for bikes, promote bikes as a viable form of transportation, and run programs dedicated to educating people about bikes. It's also the parent organization of the Bike Kitchen (link). We run a number of programs, each with the goal of increasing awareness of bikes on campus, and/or increasing people's knowledge of bikes.

I also frequent the Fixed Vancouver forums, which you can find at

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