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February 27, 2007: An update! Believe it or not, I've finally got around to working on a new version of mook online! My CSS and xhtml wizardry skillz have been polished off, and the new version I've been wanting to do for so long is coming along well =D This page was always meant as a sort of place-holder in lieu of something bigger and better, and it's nice working on it after all this time. You can take a gander at it by following this link =)
November 12, 2006: As a note, this site is in DIRE need of some heavy updating and revising, but currently I lack time due to school, work and other obligations. Currently I lack time, and am unable to do anything with it, but should have time to do so over the upcoming winter break! Read on, and enjoy reading a site that has undergone little revision since sometime around 2002, aside from some minor stylistic changes =b

Hello! This is my little tiny slice of the proverbial pie known as the internet. Below are links to my sites that I've either made, or am making, as well as some links and other sundry information about me and other things that interest me. Enjoy! Questions, comments, suggestions, or the angry ravings of a madman can all be directed to me. The finished sites are the ones about Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War, the school project on Haida potlatches and the Discworld MUD site. The CS site is started, as is my to be homepage and both are my current projects, along with the Warhammer 40k (or SoB, or Eldar Alaitoc, or Harlequin) site. I've also included some links down below to some interesting sites, as well as a link to a full list of my bookmarks =)

Basically this is just a site that I've made to learn more about web development and share various things that interest me with the rest of the world =)

You can check out my blog here

Read about me.

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My Web Pages and Things

My site about the Discworld MUD based on the books by Terry Pratchett. It's now done! Now all that has to be completed are the submissions by the people =) Hopefully in the future it'll be hosted under my homepage (not made by the way) and once it gets too big for that I'll make it it's own entity =) Sometime soon I'll be making it into a meeting place for Vancouver, BC mudders (much like sydmud) and future projects may include a Phoenix, AZ meeting place as well.

My Warhammer 40k site I'm developing with a friend. It's sorta in development, when I have the time to work on it =) Also, I'm most likely going to be shifting my efforts to making either an SoB or Eldar Alaitoc or Harlequin website, so this site will most likely change in the relatively near future (relative to the age of the Universe) when I actually have the time =b

A CS clan website I'm making for a friend can be found here. Suggestions can be sent to me and are very, very welcomed.

Behold! A site that I made for a school project on the Haida potlatch.

My really old Starcraft site made for a school project. It's not all that good, but it might be a bit helpful =)

A very, very boring testing area for PHP and CSS can be found here. Very boring.

This link leads to a picture of the server that this site is on, as well as a picture of my gaming computer in all it's wonderful glory, fancy fan grills and all and my beloved laptop, complete with outboard speakers, mouse and other cool stuffs. First though, I have to get the money for them.

Here you can find links to older versions of the site =) A trip down memory lane, so to speak ;)

Unabridged Links (aka all my bookmarks)

Right here!

Cool Stuff

Website Development

HTML Goodies is an excellent site with tutorials on HTML, Flash, and some other good stuff. And the guy who runs it has a Ph.D. in Communications and is the Assistant Professor of Communications at a university. Nifty ;)

W3 Schools is also a really good site for learning HTML, XML and CSS. Check it out =)

The PHP Manual is the official PHP manual made by the PHP Documentation Group. Very detailed, and kinda hard to understand, unless you know exactly what you're looking for. It's more of a resource then a tutorial =)

Digitally Imported radio. Now why on earth would I put an online radio station here under website development? Because Trance is the greatest thing to listen to when making web pages, that's why. w00t!

Soma FM, the new home of Tag's Trance Trip and other great channels of electronica. The same applies to this as what I said about DI.

Visual Stuff

Digital Blasphemy is a really, really good wallpaper site for your desktop background. It's also where I got the nifty picture up at the top, though mine is slightly edited in Photoshop. generates gifs according to your specifications. That's how I made the picture on the very top of the page =)

The Code of the Geeks Resources

Yes, an entire section of my site is devoted to The Code of the Geeks v3.12 and other assorted Geek Code resources. Interesting, yesno?

Go on over and check out The Code of the Geeks v3.12. Afterwards you can go to The Geek Code Decoder Page a nifty little thing that decodes Geek Code that's been written. Take a look at my Geek Code, redone after two years =) For posterity's sake, you can of course view my old Geek Code(s) and see what I've learned/discovered, as well as how I've grown (mentally and physically) since then =)

You can also check out The Geekest Link. Yet another Geek Code resource =) (one) Home of The Geek Generator made by Dylan Northrup, the same person who formatted The Code of the Geeks in HTML at Also a place where you can find The Geek Decoder, another Geek Code decoder. Quite handy really =)

I also have an unofficial mirror of the v3.12 Geek Code which can also be found at

Other Stuff

Help find aliens! Go to the SETI@home website for more information. ET life! =b

Sascha's site.

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