About Me

A brief blurb outlining some stuff about me can be found below; an electronic version of my resume is forthcoming.

Well, you're quite the inquisitive individual! You actually clicked on the link that takes you to the place where I get to yammer on about my greatness.

My name is Edward and I'm a uni student in Vancouver, BC, currently on hiatus from my academic life. This website was started back in 1999 or 2000 in its older iteration (link) as a way for me to have some kind of a presence online, and to learn more about/play around with html in greater depth than what was covered in class at the time. Over the years it's turned has turned into the current beast you see here now, and is mostly something to do from time to time, to keep my ADHD mind occupied.

Anyway, I'm involved as a slacker volunteer with a lab on campus (link). I'm also a math and science tutor, as well as a swimming instructor.

Athletically I'm involved in competitive lifesaving sport (more info), which is more or less like competitive swimming, only with toys, like really stiff flippers, super heavy plastic manikins full of water, and gates you have to swim under. I'm also going to be competing in the 2009 UBC Triathlon in the Olympic distance category. Furthermore, I'm quite adept at generally causing mayhem and mischief whenever possible =D This might just be my favourite activity actually...

I'm a huge geek, love computers, and technology, as well as taking things apart and attempting to fix them. I've got random computer bits in my cloest, in addition to various bike components all throughout my room, in addition to a few bits and pieces of Warhammer 40k miniatures. My own server is forthcoming, once I get a harddrive to throw into an old PIII box I have kicking around.

I'm a massive bike nut and ride at the Burnaby Velodrome (link), and in the summer LOVE downhill biking at Whistler. To read more about my bikes, check out the bike link on this site. I also do a bit of le parkour and climbing from time to time. Musically I enjoy a wide assortment of tunes, ranging from jazz, to classical, to classic rock, to various kinds of electronic music, and everything in between.

Questions, comments, queries, see something you like? Do email me at ikelos [aat] gmail [dawt] com, as I'm a very talkative person and love meeting new people from around the world =)

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