Links to various sites/organizations/informative websites which I tend to frequent, or find particularly note-worthy. See where I go, and check out what other websites the 'net has to offer!

Web Comics

Yeah, I like web comics. I tend to most enjoy xkcd and Questionable Content, with QC being my favourite, in that it's the only web comic I've read from beginning to end, and still keep up to date on.

Website Development

W3 Schools is a great reference for xhtml, XML, CSS, etc., and also provides a comprehensive introduction to the material. HTML Goodies has some great tutorials on HTML, Flash, and some other good stuff. The PHP Manual is the official PHP manual made by the PHP Documentation Group. Very detailed, and perhaps overkill unless you know what you're looking for.


Digitally Imported has a wide variety of stuff to listen to, and Soma FM also has quite a few channels to pick from. Sometimes I'll also listen to Frisky Radio, which always has some really mellowed out music to listen to, and they provide set after set to their listeners!

Last FM is a cool little site a friend turned me onto, which helps you track your musical tastes, and allows you to build a sort of musical portfolio, while letting you explore new music.

Visual Stuff

Digital Blasphemy is legendary. Excellently crafted backgrounds, and a great user gallery with some top notch submissions.

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