NRES 798 - Statistical Methods for Ecologists

Winter 2013

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  1. Install R from
  2. Install the RStudio IDE from
  3. Install R CommanderThese instructions might help. Note: depending on platform,  some tricks may be needed to make R Commander work well within RStudio. See this, or perhaps in here and here.
  4. See tutorials and other documentation in the web sites and in the programs Help.
New schedule:
    Lectures: Monday 8:30 - 9:50, Friday 11:30 - 12:50, both in room 5-158.
    Lab: Wednesday 8:00 - 10:50, room 8-160.
No lecture on Friday 11 January.

Lab 1, Starting R

Textbook: Authors' data/code site. Publisher. Amazon. B&N.

Notes: Introduction and Overview

The Joy of Stats

Lab 3, Probability  --  Pitcher plants (revised)
(anything here is subject to tweaking and afterthoughts, check dates for the latest versions)

About research data management and databases. A convenient and light database manager.

Notes: Chapter 1. Intro. to probability

Lab 4, RVs and Distributions

Exam 1: 15 February. Exam 2: 15 March. Project report: 25 March. Final Exam: 10 April, 9am, Room 8-160.

Notes: Chapter 2. RVs and probability distributions

Lab 5, Distributions, summary statistics

R reference card (one of many)

Notes: Chapter 3. Summary statistics

Lab 6, Confidence intervals, etc.

Notes: Chapter 4. Framing and testing hypotheses

null hypothesis cartoon

Notes: Chapter 5. Frameworks for statistical analysis

Lab 7. Hypothesis testing

Notes: Part II. Designing experiments (Ch. 6, 7, 8)

Lab 8. Regression

brackets cartoon

Notes: Chapter 9. Regression

Lab 9. Linear models

Notes: Chapter 10. Categorical predictors, ANOVA

Lab 10. Categorical predictors, ANOVA

Lab 11. Multiple comparisons, etc.

Lab 12. Hierachical and mixed effects models

Notes: Hierachical and mixed effects models

Read again the Introduction and Overview