Warning! Note: Prof. García retired from UNBC in December 2014, and this site is no longer updated. More info here.

Oscar García's ESPI

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Since April 2000 I am a Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia, occupying the FRBC / West Fraser Endowed Chair in Forest Growth and Yield, in the Ecosystem Science and Management Program.


Oscar Garcia
University of Northern British Columbia
3333 University Way
Prince George, B.C.
Canada V2N 4Z9
(Currently operating from Cochoa,Viña del Mar, Chile)

E-mail: garcia@unbc.ca

Here is a short bio.
More: Resume (PDF),  looong and old resume (PDF), same in Spanish.

Teaching, research, etc.

I sometimes teach FSTY 405, Forest Growth and Yield.  Link to the course website.
And NRES 710, Modelling and Simulation. And more recently, NRES 798, Statistical Methods for Ecologists (course website).

My main interests might be labeled "quantitative forestry". Most anything combining Forestry and Mathematics. Much of my past work has been in growth modelling and in forest planning desision-support systems.

Here is a list of publications, with abstracts, and some available for downloading or viewing on line.

Unpublished/unpublishable items and other bits and pieces go here.

And some of my software.

Some may find more convenient downloading from my old web site in Spain.

Link to the Chair's official Growth & Yield pages.

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