Last modified: 2022-01-02
This is a course page of
David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

CPSC 370: Functional and Logic Programming


These policies apply to CPSC 370 taught in Prince George in the Fall 2022 semester.

Don’t. First offenses result in a grade of -100% and formal notification of the Office of the Registrar. Allowing someone to copy your work is cheating. The UNBC Calendar describes academic offenses and possible penalties in more detail.
Marking Scheme Changes:
I reserve the right to change weightings given in the marking scheme on the course outline. Students are guaranteed that their letter grade will not decrease as the result of such a change.
Attendance in this course is the student's responsibility. Students are entirely responsible for being aware of material discussed in lecture, even if they are unavoidably prevented from attending.
Examination Policies:
Students are responsible for being aware of all relevant examination policies. Click here for examination policies common to all courses.
Cell phones:
Please avoid being disruptive. Cell-phones are forbidden during examinations.
Programming Homework Submission:

Homework, both programming and non-programming, is to be submitted by e-mail to the course instructor.

Non-programming problem solutions may be submitted in the body of an e-mail message, or as a .txt or .pdf attachment.

Programming problem solutions should be submitted as e-mail attachments, preferably with .hs extensions for Haskell code and .pl extensions for Prolog code.

I prefer that multi-file solutions be submitted as a digest (that is a .tgz, .tar, .zip, .7z, or .rar file) with my preferences being approximately the order listed.

All attachment file names should somehow indicate your identity, and files containing code should also contain a comment at the top identifying you and the question that you are attempting to answer.

Late Policy:

Homework is either pending or due. As soon as homework is pending, you may submit your solution, but I feel no obligation to mark it immediately.

As soon as homework is due, I will try to mark it quickly enough that feedback is useful.

Homework is never late, but I feel no obligation to mark homework submitted after the due date in a timely manner.

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