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CPSC 370: Functional and Logic Programming (2006)

Programming Homework Policy

Method of submission

Programming (and other) homework is to be submitted by e-mail to c‌a‍‍sper©unbc·ca. Homework questions are usually posed in class without a particular due date stated. However, eventually a due date will be attached to each question, and homework must be submitted by e-mail before the due date.

Homework should be submitted from your unbc e-mail account. Technical difficulties with unbc mail agents are reasonable excuses for late or lost assignments; technical diffulties with other mail agents are not; nor can you be certain that unbc software will not classify such mail as spam.

Form of submission
Programming assignments should generally be attached to an e-mail message as a plain text file or as part of an archive (see below).
File names
(See the following section for comments on appropriate file extensions.) File names should have a format similar to
that is, first name then last name then an identification of the problem that it solves. Spaces in file names are acceptable, but please do not use other white space characters, slashes, multiple periods, non-ascii characters and the like.
File format
Programming assignment files should be plain text files containing only ascii characters. Please do not send me Microsoft Word documents or Html formatted files. Standard M‌L programs the file should have a .sml extension; Scheme programs should have a .scm extension; Prolog programs should have a .pl extension; and textual answers to questions should have a .txt extension.

The line-ending convention is a matter of your convenience. I would prefer unix-style line endings, but dos/windows style line-endings or (old) Mac-style line endings are all acceptable, provided that the file consistently only uses one.

Commenting need not be verbose, but should exist. It is a very good practice to have internal comments identifying the author, course, assignment number and file name of the file in case the file becomes accidentally lost, mangled, renamed, or otherwise mishandled.

Frequently it may be convenient to submit multiple files with the same e-mail message. Although multiple attachments are allowed, I would prefer an archive (preferably tarred and gzipped .tgz files, but .zip files and other archive formats that have free Mac-friendly software for unpacking are allowed). Archives that unpack into a relative directory are preferred.
First offenses result in a grade of -100% on the assignment in question and formal notification of the College Dean. Allowing someone to copy your work is cheating. The UNBC Calendar describes academic offenses and possible penalties in more detail.

Last year's class had many similar homework problems. It is your responsibility to inform me if you have consulted with members of last year's class or collaborated with your class-mates in finding solutions to homework exercises.

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