Your UNBC Email Account

Every student at UNBC is given an email address. Your address is <username> where <username> is replaced with your computer account username. The Disability Management Program will use only this address for email communication. We expect each of our students to read their UNBC email on a regular basis.

There are other good reasons to use this account:

  1. The Office of Graduate Studies will only use this address to send announcements to graduate students and they will expect you to check this mail.
  2. Almost nobody at UNBC has access to your personal files and hence almost nobody knows your previous email address. They might try and contact you through your UNBC account. Many students have missed messages because they did not check their UNBC address.
  3. Once you graduate your email address is still active as an alumni account. This means that you can use this address as a permanent email address and you will not have to update everyone whenever you change jobs or mail providers.

You can have mail forwarded from your UNBC account to your existing account or access it directly. For help forwarding your mail contact me or the ISS Help Desk. To access your mail directly from a web browser go to You can also access your mail directly by using telnet or ssh programs to connect to the Unix server or (previously known as

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