Climate Change and Global Warming

The University of Northern BC
Environmental science & Engineering Program



This is a middle/upper-level course intended for science majors.  Meeting times are 12:30-1:50am, Mon & Fri, online.  

Course contents: This course covers topics in global change science including: past climate and environmental change; the present climate changes and variability; the physical processes and mechanisms responsible for climate and environmental variability and changes, and climate and environmental change interactions with biological organisms and ecosystems as well. The emphasis will put on the physical and dynamical principles and processes governing the climate changes and variability.

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Youmin Tang online any time by email

Policy on Grades:

Final Grades: Your final letter grade will be based on your total score from a final project and 3 quizzes. Final project: 40% (Presentation 10% and the writing report 30%); 20% for each quiz.

Statue of Limitations: If you wish to appeal a grade received on a quiz, or mid-term, your appeal must be made within 7 days from the time it is handed back.  No appeals will be considered after that deadline.

Dead Line of Written Report: The deadline of written report is mid-night of Dec. 6,2021. After 8:00am of Dec 6, the penalty is 3 points of 30 is off per day (counted at 9:00am) until Dec. 10, 2021, after which the written report will not be accepted.

If I am not in office when you hand on your report, please slide it underneath the door and meanwhile email me.

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