Fish and Wildlife TWS Student Chapter 2015-2016 Events

2016 AGM and Quizbowl

Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM and annual Quizbowl!  Your support in welcoming the new TWS Student Chapter Board Members was great to have!

This year we had seven teams and 30 participants compete in our annual Quizbowl.  Thank you for all those who joined and to the judges who had the unenviable role of putting up with all the razing from the undergrad and graduate students!  We hope to see you all back next year for another successful evening.

Congratulations to the winning team!



2016 John Prince Research Forest Trip

Eight Student Chapter members went to the John Prince Research Forest from February 9-12 to enjoy the outdoors for a few days. We had the opportunity to try our hand at radio telemetry and snow tracking while also being able to check out baited camera traps and a wolf kill site.  Plenty of recreational activity were also enjoyed with snowshoing, skiing, ice fishing, snowball fights, relaxing in cozy cabins, eating good meals, and having a good time with great people!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out and a huge thank you to Gabrielle Aubertin, Shannon Crowley, and Dexter Hodder for hosting us and sharing their wealth of knowledge!!


2016 Summer Job Brown Bag Lunch

On January 22nd, 12 student chapter members came out to learn about and discuss summer jobs in environmental consulting from three local groups. They shared their knowledge and experience telling students everything they needed to know about working in environmental consulting and answering all questions from members. Thank you to Cathy Mackay from EDI and Jesse Lafromboise and Nathan Shaw from DWB for volunteering their time to share their knowledge with students.


2015 Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter Trip

On the weekend of November 13-15th13 student chapter members went to the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter in Smithers, BC to help out around the shelter and to learn about this amazing place!! Members helped to clean nest boxes and gutters, maintain burn piles, collect bark for the bears, and all 13 members helped out with the big project of building a fence around the shelter's hay supply so that deer and moose wouldn't get into it. We were also able to see the shelter's lynx, cougar, moose, deer, and 7 black bears. 

A big thank you to Angelika, Peter, Kim and all the volunteers at the shelter for once again making us feel welcome and filling our brains with knowledge! Also a big thank you to all the student chapter members who were willing to take a weekend off to volunteer!!!


2015 Kennedy Siding Caribou Viewing

On October 24th 26 Student Chapter members went on a two hour drive to Kennedy Siding to view the seasonal presence of woodland caribou in the low elevation pine stands of the Caribou Mountains.  Wildlife specialists from the Government of BC shared their knowledge on caribou ecology and management as well as a newly implemented feeding program which aims to improve caribou body condition prior to winter.  This year's group was fortunate to see 20 caribou, including some remarkable bulls!



8th Annual Student Chapter Photo Contest

This year's photo contest concluded on October 16th with a strong collection of 66 quality submissions.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to cast your ballot and a very special thank you to all those who submitted photos.  Make sure to keep your eyes open for upcoming calendar sales which are created exclusively from these photos.  And start snapping shots for next year's photo contest!

 Here are this year's winners:


2015 Meet and Greet

Our first member meeting of the year was a huge success!  65 students attended to hear us share what to expect from the Student Chapter in the coming year and to listen to Mike Klaczek, government Wildlife Biologist, discuss an upcoming project which aims to quantify the local Mule Deer population.  Thanks to all who showed up and participated and thanks to UNBC for the use of the BBQ! 


2015 Mugaha Marsh Bird Banding

On September 12th and 13th 14 people went to Mugaha Marsh, taking part in owling the first night and bird banding the next morning. A total of seven Northern Saw-whet Owls were caught on the 12th, and then a variety of different species were banded the day after, including Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, Dark-Eyed Juncos (Slate and Oregon), Common Yellowthroats, Song Sparrows, a Fox Sparrow and more! Many members went on hikes, canoeing or did some birding of their own whenever they pleased, making for a very relaxing and interesting weekend.


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