Fish and Wildlife TWS Student Chapter 2013-2014 Events

2014 Student Chapter AGM and Quizbowl

On Friday, March 28 the Student Chapter held our AGM and annual Quizbowl competition.  We recapped the past year's events and activities and welcomed next year's Student Chapter Executive.

The AGM was followed by Quizbowl, in which we had eight teams and 36 individuals participate.  Once again Quizbowl was a huge success with a packed room of team members and curious onlookers.  Thank you to everyone who participated and to those who helped organize and run the event. 


2014 Fifth Annual Ice Fishing Derby

The UNBC Student Chapter hosted its fifth annual ice fishing derby on Saturday, March 1st at West Lake.  25 individuals came out and enjoyed the sun on a cool day.  Thanks to everyone who participated and helped organize this event and thank you to all the businesses whose generous donations made an excellent slate of prizes this year!

Winners by category:

Largest Fish - Mike Bridger

Total catch of game fish - Nathan Shaw

Greatest diversity - Andrew Lee

Greatest total weight peamount chub - Dustin Pitcher

Largest peamouth chub –Carolyn Knapper

Largest northern Pikeminnow - Matt Scheideman

Smallest fish - Tanner Lee Miller

Mystery weight - David Hamed



2014 Spring Break Trip to John Prince Research Forest

From February 17th to 20th, 6 Student Chapter members travelled to the cabins on Tezzeron Lake, located in the John Prince Research Forest. Members were able to participate in fish and wildlife related activities such as: American marten camera trapping and telemetry, moose telemetry and aerial survey, and attempted wolf calling. Members also took some relaxing time to ice fish, snowshoe, and XC ski.

We would like to give a special thanks to Dexter Hodder and Shannon Crowley at the JPRF for graciously allowing our group to stay at the research site, and for teaching our members important wildlife related skills. We had great weather again this year, which made it for an excellent overall experience for all involved!


                                                                   Telemetry                                        The group! (Paul, Cale, Amanda, Miranda, Megan, Gabrielle)


Dexter and the group at a baited camera station                            Cale - successfully ice fishing for big lakers

2013 Christmas Bird Count

This year we were able to help participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count, with four Student Chapter members and three faculty attending.  Thanks to Dr. Staffan Lindgren for leading our group!



2013 Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter trip

On Friday, November 8th eight Student Chapter members headed to Smithers, BC and the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter.  This weekend trip was an opportunity for students to see wildlife up close and experience and volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation shelter.  Members were able to help with cleaning a pond, nest boxes and gutters and also clear and burn dead willow on the property.  Everyone really enjoyed the hospitality of Angelika and this unique opporuntiy, while being able to see various animals, such as lynx and cougar up close.


2013 Kennedy Siding Caribou Viewing

This year, 15 Student Chapter members headed out towards Mackenzie with hopes of seeing caribou, but we saw none. Nonetheless, everyone came back with a head full of new information! We were able to pick up signals from three of the five collars installed on individuals of the Kennedy herd. The caribou were not very far...  Thaks to Dale Seip for once again volunteering his Saturday and his knowledge!


2013 Student Sponsored Colloquium - Dr. Jerry Haigh

On Friday, October 25th, Members and nonmembers came out in great numbers to this co-sponsored NRESi colloquium, titled "A wildlife vet in Africa". We had the pleasure to listen to Jerry Haigh's adventures. He put on quite a performance, sharing stories from his career as a Wildlife Veterinarian in Africa that ranged from the challenges of chemically immobilizing a giraffe to performing an enema on a rhinoceros... Thanks to Jerry and Jo for their participation in a Brown Bag lunch as well!


2013 Photo Contest

This year's TWS Student Chapter photo contest took place on Thursday October 17th and Friday October 18th, with an excellent spread of entrees totaling 58 submission.  Thanks to all photographers for their participation!

Winners of the 2013 contest are:



Amphibian Walk

On Friday, October 4th Mark Thompson lead a group of approximately 20 people to the Greenway in search of amphibians.  They were able to successful locate spotted frogs, western toads and a long-toed salamander.  Thanks to Mark Thompson for leading this Anura walk once again!



Meet and Greet

The Student Chapter's Fall Meet and Greet was held on September 26th in the NUSC.  We had about 25 members attend and learn about the activities for this year, followed by a group wildlife game and pizza!


Fall 2013 Pinkut Creek Spawning Channel

On Saturday, September 7th we had six Student Chapter members visist the Pinkut Creek Spawning channel, which is located at the south end of Babine Lake.  This year produced very low returns for sockeye salmon throughout the entire Skeena River watershed, and Pinkut wasn't an exception.  There was, however, a large return of jacks this year, which appeared to outnumber the three-four year olds quite substaintially.  Thanks to Karen Mohr and George Chandler at Pinkut for all your help!

Fall 2013 Mugaha Marsh Bird Banding

On Saturday, September 7th we had 14 Student Chapter members travel to Mugaha Marsh Bird Banding Station for for the weekend.  Two northern saw whet owls were banding Saturday night, and many more song birds Sunday morning.  Yet again, this trip was a highlight for those who attended!  


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