Fish and Wildlife TWS Student Chapter 2008-2009 Events


Quiz Bowl 2009

On March 27th, 33 Student Chapter members competed in the inaugural UNBC Quiz Bowl.  By all accounts the evening was a great success and promises to be the first of many such events.  A big thanks goes out to our sponsors: Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Thirsty Moose, and the UNBC Bookstore. Pictured in the bottom photo are members of the winning team (from left to right) Sean Haughian, Rebecca Bowler, Jamie Svendsen, and Dane Richardson.



February 2009 Reading Break Week Trip to the John Prince Research Forest

Between February 18th and 21st, members of the TWS Fish and Wildlife Student Chapter headed to the John Prince Research Forest.  The group (middle photo) participated in a number of activities including radio-telemetry of radio-collared otter (left photo), snow tracking of mammals (right photo), snowshoeing and skiing, and participating in various ongoing bird and mammal research projects.  A big thanks to Dexter Hodder for his help with the trip!


The First Annual UNBC Student Chapter Photo Competition and Calendar

In November of 2008, the Student Chapter hosted a photography contest and received over 60 entries.  The top photos were then used to produce the 2009 edition of the Student Chapter Calendar


November Skull Cleaning Workshop at UNBC

On November 15, 2008 Mario Gauthier came to UNBC to teach chapter members how to properly clean and prepare mammalian skulls for the UNBC Vertebrate Collection.



November 2008 Caribou trip to Kennedy Siding

On November 8, 2008, chapter members journeyed to Kennedy Siding for the day to view wintering caribou.


October 19th, 2009 Field Trip to Aleza Lake Research Forest to look for Amphibians (Hosted by the Northern Amphibian Monitoring Outpost Society [NAMOS])

On October 19, 2008 chapter members travelled to Aleza Lake Research Station to assist the Northern Amphibian Monitoring Outpost Society (NAMOS) in conducting transects to locate salamanders.


September 2008 trip to Pinkut Creek Hatchery and spawning channel on Babine Lake

On September 6, 2008, 14 chapter members took advantage of the opportunity to travel to Pinkut Creek Salmon Spawning Facility, located on Babine Lake.  They were given a tour of the facility and saw thousands of spawning Sockeye salmon.  Members camped on Babine Lake for the night, partaking in fishing and hiking activities.


September 2008 trip to Mugaha bird banding station near Mackenzie to band migratory songbirds

On September 13, 2008, 7 chapter members travelled to Mugaha Marsh Banding Station, located ~10km from Mackenzie, B.C.  Members were given the opportunity to set mist nets, check nets, extract passerines from nets, assist in banding and releasing of passerines.  Special thanks to Vi and David Lambie, Rob Weaver and James Bradley for teaching the club valuable identification skills and mist netting techniques.


Trip to Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter in Smithers, BC - February 2007

On February 18-20, 2008, 10 chapter members spent the day at the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter in Smithers, B.C. Time was spent assisting the shelters owners in cleaning and shoveling pens; some rehabilitated wildlife were quite keen to approach members.


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