Welcome to the UNBC Fish and Wildlife Student Chapter
of The Wildlife Society!

Officially recognized by The Wildlife Society on March 4th, 2008, we are a Student Lead Organization at UNBC
with interests in research and management of both fisheries and wildlife.

Our Purpose

Host regular activities, meetings, and field trips to expand members' knowledge
of fish and wildlife science and research;

Provide opportunities for members to gain field experience in areas
of fish and wildlife research and management;

Provide members with access to a student mentorship program;

Host educational programs and lectures on fish and wildlife issues; and

Facilitate member participation in activities and conferences sponsored by other chapters of TWS.


For more information about the UNBC Fish and Wildlife Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society, please email us at tws@unbc.ca

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Upcoming events

Events for the 2022-2023 academic year will be posted starting in the fall.

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The above video was produced by members of UNBC's TWS Student Chapter to promote interest in wildlife and fisheries.