Dr. J. Mark Shrimpton

Ecosystem Science and Management (Biology) Program

University of Northern British Columbia



Graduate Students
Sarah Ballard, MSc 2011

Temperature preference and distribution of Arctic grayling in the Williston Watershed












Marley Bassett, MSc candidate Environmental factors influencing life history of sockeye salmon
Marcus Boucher, MSc 2012 Early life history, growth & development in white sturgeon


Melinda Bahr, MSc 2002

Environmental and genetic factors that affect life history variation in bull trout, Morice Watershed






Adrian Clarke, MSc 2004

Elemental signatures in bone to determine life history characteristics in fish











Rachel Johnson, MSc 2003

Co-supervisor Daniel Heath, University of Windsor

Induction efficiency, performance and genomic architecture in diploid and triploid Chinook salmon

Anne-Marie Flores, MSc 2010 Does the mineralocorticoid receptor have a functional role in the teleost gill?






Cathy Mackay, MSc 2006

Co-supervisor Brian Heise, Thompson Rivers University

Effect of logging on export of aquatic insects, detritus and dissolved organic matter to fish-bearing streams







Marcel Macullo, MSc 2008

Genetic determination of subspecies classification for the Banff longnose dace













Greg Sykes, MSc 2007

Temperature and flow effects on migration of Chinook salmon smolts



Crystal McRae, MSc 2009

Spawning Site Selection in Interior Fraser coho


Kyla Warren, MSc 2010

Spatial and temporal movement and habitat selection by juvenile Interior Fraser coho salmon









Cory Williamson, MSc 2006

Preferred habitat for bull trout in streams within the Finlay Reach of the Williston Reservoir




Kim Tuor, MSc candidate Development in larval coho at temperatures near freezing