Dr. J. Mark Shrimpton

Ecosystem Science and Management (Biology) Program

University of Northern British Columbia

Research Interests


My research interests are in how animals respond to changes in their environment - particularly due to anthropogenic disturbance.  My experimental research has focused on fish, primarily salmonids due to their economic, cultural and recreational importance.  Fish can be displaced from or avoid disturbed areas that are no longer suitable.  Such changes can have profound impacts on longterm population structure as groups of animals become fragmented and isolated.  If, however, animals do not move or are unable to move due to migration barriers, physiological perturbations may result that can ultimately compromise performance and survival.  My research program has developed at UNBC along three themes; environmental physiology, molecular ecology, and population structure.  My long term research goal is to develop methods to mitigate deleterious changes to the environment that impacts fish and implement management guidelines to limit the impact of anthropogenic change.