Dr. Lisa M. Poirier



MPM and Ph.D., Simon Fraser University

B.Sc. (Ecology), University of Guelph

BCE (Board Certified Entomologist)

Our research focuses on insect ecology in forests and aquatic systems. Past projects have examined aspects of the chemical and behavioural ecology of spruce budworms, leaf miners, and mountain pine beetle, the diversity of mosquitoes in northern British Columbia, the disturbance history of the Interior Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone in British Columbia, and the biodiversity of benthic macroinvertebrates in northern BC streams. Current projects are investigating the growth response of overstory and understory trees to western spruce budworm defoliation, and documenting arthropod biodiversity in Interior wetbelt forests, sub-boreal spruce forests, and urban Prince George.

3333 University Way

Prince George, BC

V2N 4Z9


To contact me:

Phone: 250-960-6124

Fax: 250-960-5539

E-mail: lisa.poirier@unbc.ca

Scaphinotus marginatus, a common ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in northern BC


(Photo: M. Poirier, 2015)