SSHRC Dr. Linda O'Neill
Informal and Formal Mental Health
Serena George, MEd.
Stefanie Sebok, MEd.
Jodie Petruzzellis, MEd
Jamey Dye, MEd
Willow Hobson, MEd
Nicole Robinson, MEd
Dr. Blythe Shepard, University of Lethbridge
Dr. Corinne Koehn, UNBC

Classroom Support for Children with Complex Trauma Team
Serena George, MEd.
Jill Wagg, MEd in progress
Joanna Pooley, MEd
Sarah Henkelman, MEd
Dr. Andrew Kitchenham, UNBC
Dr. Tina Fraser, UNBC
Welcome. I am a long-time northerner, counsellor/educator and researcher who is passionate about mental health and wellness for northeners and the connection to adverse events (trauma). My research interests include the situation of formal and informal mental health and wellness practitioners in the North and all aspects of trauma-informed practice. Our research team completed a three year study Informal and Formal Mental Health Support in the North focused on the life and career issues, supports, challenges, and barriers for these helpers, and their training, educational, and supervision needs in the effort to discover what supports and resources would enhance the effectiveness and longevity of such workers.

We asked helping practitioners who currently, or in past work, provided formal or informal mental health and wellness support in northern communities north of 50, in northern B.C., the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut to participate in an on-line survey that was developed from in-depth interviews with northern practitioners in 2010. We also welcomed the input of helpers from northern areas of other provinces. We have completed two articles on the research findings and are working on a longer article focused on the meta-analysis. We are developing ways to share the information with a wider northern audience.


O’Neill, L.K., George, S., Koehn, C., & Shepard, B. (2013). Informal and formal mental
Health support: Preliminary qualitative findings. International Journal of
Circumpolar Health, 72, 21203. Available from

O’Neill, L.K., George, S., Sebok, S. (2013). Survey of northern informal and formal
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Northern Lake
Linda O in Atlin Our new research team is currrently working on assisting school districts and schools in an effort to better support teachers and staff who are supporting children and youth who have experienced traumatic events, Classroom Support for Children who have Experienced Complex Trauma and Attachment Disruption.
If you are interested in complex trauma (developmental trauma disorder) in the classroom, please find more information on the study and a link to the survey here
Classroom support for children with complex trauma and attachment disruption 

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