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"High Performance Computing most generally refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation in order to solve large problems in science, engineering, or business."(1)

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PuTTY (ssh client for Windows users)

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MobaXterm (advanced terminal for Windows users)

High Performance Computing (HPC) lab is a well-established facility at UNBC. It was founded in 2000 and has been growing in computing power ever since, with new Linux and Windows machines. The facility is being used by hundreds of researchers across various disciplines at UNBC. Some relevant details and useful information about HPC at UNBC is posted here. If you are a UNBC researcher looking for access into our computing resources, please contact us.

Dell Intel Xeon Silver 4114 cluster - klinaklini.unbc.ca

This is the most recent addition to our computing resources and is being heavily utilized by researchers in UNBC. It is a cluster by Dell that uses Intel Xeon Silver 4114 core processors and has 16 compute nodes, each with 36 Intel Xeon Gold 6140 core processors.

Operating System - CentOS 7

Dell PowerEdge C6320

The Dell PowerEdge C6320 server includes 4 independent server nodes and each node has 20 cores and 128 GB of memory.

fraser-05.unbc.ca: CentOS 7
hpc-rds-1p05.unbc.ca: Windows Server 2022 Standard
hpc-rds-1p06.unbc.ca: Windows Server 2022 Standard
hpc-rds-1p07.unbc.ca: Windows Server 2022 Standard

Mount 'researchHome' locally


On a windows machine:

Go to 'My Computer/This PC' and find 'Map Network Drive' in the menu bar. Type in \\research-files.unbc.ca\researchHome\'username' and connect.

On a linux machine:

Ubuntu OS: In File Explorer, go to 'Other Locations', type in server smb://research-files.unbc.ca/researchHome/'username' and connect.
For other linux distros, something similar should work.

On a Mac:

In Finder, go to 'Go' and then 'Connect to Server'. Type in smb://research-files.unbc.ca/researchHome/'username' and connect.

Note: 'username' refers to your UNBC username.

Access 'klinaklini'

On windows: Install PuTTY (https://www.putty.org), open it and give hostname 'username'@klinaklini.unbc.ca and 'Open'. Enter password when prompted.

On linux: Open a terminal, type ssh 'username'@klinaklini.unbc.ca and Enter. Enter password when prompted.

On Mac: Open terminal/iterm, and then same as linux.

(1) https://www.usgs.gov/advanced-research-computing/what-high-performance-computing

High Performance Computing at UNBC
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