Updates history

TADAM-df.  Douglas-fir

15/10/01:  Version 1.0.  First public release.

26/11/01:  Version 1.1.  Fixed division by zero when B=0 in volumes.

30/7/02:  Added information about Palm Simulator.

11/1/02:  Versions 1.2 of the PalmOS and DLL implementations. The code in the "engine" was tidied up, and the parameters re-estimated to better conform to the publication. Differences of under 1% compared to previous versions might be seen.
New web site (www.unbc.ca/forestry/forestgrowth/tadam).

TADAM-p.  Lodgepole pine

22/8/02: Version 1.0 released. Web site updated.

24/4/03: Version 1.1:  Fixes bug in the thinning function.  The error caused an underestimate for basal areas after thinning of around 8%.   Full independent check of the computer code against data to ensure no more surprises!    Also changed left-over references to Douglas-fir in the Palm help files.

TADAM-s.  White spruce

24/8/02:  Version 1.0 released.  Changes to distribution file packaging, documentation, and web site.

WARNING:  The TIPSY white spruce data base used to develop this model contained only 30 TASS simulations, unthinned or thinned at 4m top height. Other projections are essentially a figment of TADAM's imagination; use with extreme care!