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Cornus stolonifera    ( Red-osier dogwood )


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Cornus stolonifera-general description.jpg
Species: Cornus stolonifera Michx.

Depiction: Perennial; found along the edges of swamps and meadows; in forests with moist soil and thickets. Low to moderate elevation. Bright red stems, Usually heavily browsed.

Photo Location: Forests For The World, Prince George, BC

Photograph Date: Febuary 6th, 2005

Photographer: Allan Carson

Available images of Cornus stolonifera:

>Cornus stolonifera general description<

Cornus stolonifera spring image-developing florescence

Cornus stolonifera spring image-florescence

Cornus stolonifera spring image-flower

Cornus stolonifera spring image-fruit

Cornus stolonifera spring image-general

Cornus stolonifera spring image-leaves

Cornus stolonifera winter image-lateral buds

Cornus stolonifera winter image-stems

Cornus stolonifera winter image-terminal bud