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Information about UML

UML (the Uniform Modelling Language) is a notation used to design and document Object Oriented programs and projects.

UML consists of diagrams that capture structure and behaviour. By far the most important of these to CPSC 101 is the class diagram. These can be informal sketches (see the Agile Modelling page). Although not a major mandatory component of CPCS 101-4 (Computer Programming II), students are strongly urged to gain some basic familiarty with class diagrams.

Below are selected external links to web-sites that relate to UML and its use.


Wikipedia UML page

This page provides a brief history of the UML, and of UML 2. Of particular interest to CPSC 101 students is the section on Diagrams, and even more particularly, the link to Class Diagrams. These are the diagrams most commonly used in CPSC 101.

Agile Modelling's Introduction to UML
A serious guide to the rapid informal use of UML.
Sparx Systems's UML 2 Tutorial
Another guide to the use of UML. (by Kirill Fakhroutdinov)
This site is one person’s battle to understand UML. Of particular interest is the UML 2.5 diagram overview and a list of examples.
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UML (Wikipedia)
Class Diagrams
Tutorial(Agile Modelling)
UML 2 (Sparx Systems)
UML 2.5

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