Last modified: 2011-09-11
This is a course web page of
David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

Examinition Policy

This policy was last revised 2011-01-05.

Examination attendance:
Students are always expected to attend examinations at their normally scheduled time. If this proves impossible, or would cause a student a grave hardship:
  • students should discuss and finalize arrangements for an alternative examination with me at least two weeks prior to the examination.
  • Students who are unable to attend an examination at the normally scheduled time due to an unforseen circumstance in the two weeks prior to an examination are required to contact me as soon as possible by e-mail, by telephone, or in person.

Students who have not made alternative arrangements by the time of the examination and who do not attend the examination receive 0%.

Students who receive 0% for bona fide reasons which prevented them from contacing me prior to the examination and who provide me with medical or other documentation may have their course grading scheme changed appropriately.

Examination materials:
  • All non-medical electronic devices (other than ordinary wrist-watches) are prohibited during examinations. If you enter the examination room with such a device you must leave it at the front of the room.

    Such devices include: cell-phones, portable music devices, calculators, and electronic translation tools.

  • Students are required to bring a functioning pen, and encouraged to bring a pencil, ruler, eraser, and other drawing implements.

  • Students may not bring paper, blank or otherwise, nor any printed materials.

  • In particular, students for whom English is not their first language are not automatically entitled to use a dictionary. If you feel that you may need access to a dictionary or other translation device during an examination, get approval from me beforehand.

Changes to this policy (for instance, allowing electronic calculators) will be announced in class and written on the examination.

Effective Date:
This policy is effective from 2011-01-05 until changed or revoked.
Scope of this policy
This policy applies to all examinations in UNBC courses taught by Dr Casperson. This policy is in addition to rather than a replacement of policies of the UNBC Computer Science department, the University Senate (see regulations [in particular §§ 38–40] in the University Calendar).