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David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

CPSC 110 — Introduction to Computer Systems and Programming— Winter 2019

course outline (printable pdf version).

This course is being taught by Dr Fan Jiang.

Course Description
(from calendar) The course provides an introduction to computer systems and programing, concepts in computer architecture including the central processing unit, buses, memory units, input/output and communication devices. The introduction to operating systems emphasizes the file system and program development utilities. Programing concepts and techniques include problem analysis, program design, coding, and testing, as well as language elements such as data types, variables and assignment statements, expressions, mixed-mode arithmetic, input/output operations, basic data structures and control structures, procedures and abstract data types. Basic database management concepts will also be introduced. Students will develop small applications programs. CPSC 110-3 is a first course in computer science and computer programing. CPSC 110-3 cannot be counted as a computer science course by computer science majors. Credit will not be awarded for both CPSC 110-3 & CPSC 100-4. Refer to major for required course.

Fan Jiang is the instructor for CPSC 110 in Winter 2018. David Casperson will teach the first few lectures.

Tutorials will also be taught by Dr Jiang.

Lab instruction information is not currently up to date..

Course Outline
The course outline can be found here.
Imaage of Gaddis 4th edition Starting Out with Python, 4th Edition. Tony Gaddis, Haywood Community College.
Rooms and Hours
Lectures are in 7-150. Labs are in 8-457. Tutorials are in 5-159.
Lecture Slides
can be found here
Lab Assignments
can be found here
Course Dates
First Lecture 2019-01-04 Friday.
Winter Break 2019-02-19 to 2019-02-19.
Midterm 2018-02-21 Wednesday
last Drop Date 2018-02-22 Thursday
Good Friday 2019-04-19
Easter Monday 2019-04-22
Final 2019-04-13 6pm

Other dates can be found on the University web-site here.

2013-02-25 Sample GUI Code
Important Information

Important information will be posted here from time to time.

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In Winter 2019 CPSC 110 is being taught by fan Jiang. I am covering some of the early lectures in January.
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