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This is a course page of
David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

CPSC 110 — Introduction to Computer Systems and Programming— Winter 2018

course outline (printable pdf version).

This course is being taught by Allan Kranz.

Allan Kranz is the instructor for CPSC 110 in Winter 2018. David Casperson is the tutorial istructor only.
Course Outline
The course outline can be found here.
Imaage of Gaddis 4th edition
Imaage of Gaddis 5th edition
Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures by Tony Gaddis.
Rooms and Hours
Lectures are in 7-150. Labs are in 8-457. Tutorials are in 5-159. (David’s schedule).
Lecture Slides
can be found here
Lab Assignments
can be found here
Course Dates
Lab AssignmentsWeekly. Found here.
Winter Break 2018-02-12 to 2018-02-16.
Midterm 2018-02-21 Wednesday
last Drop Date 2018-02-22 Thursday
Good Friday 2018-03-30
Easter Monday 2018-04-02
Final 2018-04-18 (Wed) 9:00am

Other dates can be found on the University web-site here.

Course policies can be found here.
2013-02-25 Sample GUI Code
Important Information

Important information will be posted here from time to time.

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