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MATH 725 — Topology — Winter 2016

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Elements of Mathematics: General Topology by Nicolas Bourbaki. Springer Verlag. 1989.
Topology by Jänich Klaus. Springer Verlag. 1984.
Counterexamples in Topology by Lynn Arthur Steen and J. Arthur Seeback, Jr. Springer Verlag. 1978.
Grading Scheme
The calendar says:
Topological spaces, Tychonoff Theorem, Tietze extension theorems, Urysohn lemma, compactification, homotopy theory, fundamental group, uniform spaces, knot theory.
The course will contain a thorough review of point-set topology, and then an exploration of what can be added to point-set topology, either through the combination of topology with other structures, or through functorial approaches to classification (homotopy, closed two-manifolds, and so on.
  • This is a reading course.
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