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CPSC 101: Computer Programming II — ( )

Laboratory Assignment List
#Due dateLink
1 2012-01-20 “Quotation”
2 2012-01-27 Murder Incorporated
3 2012-02-06 Time for Interfaces
4 2012-02-17 Plain Hard Thinking
5 2012-03-02 Pipelines
6 2012-03-09 Inheritance
7 2012-03-16 First GUIs
8 2012-04-04 Circular Mice
9 2012-03-28 Crossword Puzzles

* 2012-02-15. Lab 5 updated slightly.

Dates in this colour are tentative. Laboratory assignment names in this colour are links to last yea’r assignments, which may change!

Laboratory Assignments

Students are responsible for getting assignments from class and for knowing due-date information from class which may or may not be reflected accurately here.

Graphics Lab Hand In Format

This section applies to Lab assignments that are graphical in nature. The idea is that the marker should be able to run your assignments and look at your code.

For instructions on creating .jar files click here.

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