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David Casperson
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Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia
Laboratory Assignment List
#Due dateLink
1 2011-09-16 Basic UNIX
2 2011-09-23 Simple IO
3 2011-09-30 More Expressions
4 2011-10-07 Static Methods and Constants
5 2011-10-21 Switches, Strings, and Unicode
6 2011-11-04 Words and Files
7 2011-11-14 A Time class
8 2011-11-23 Converting co-ordinates
9 2011-11-30 Outrageous Fortune

Dates in grey are tentative. Titles and links in this colour are to laboratory assignments from Winter 2008.

More dates can be found here

CPSC 100 — Computer Programming I — Fall 2011

Laboratory Assignments and Dates

Students are responsible for getting assignments from class and for knowing due-date information from class which may or may not be reflected accurately here.

Labs are given approximately weekly, with approximately 8 lab assignments given over the semester. Help with laboratory assignments is provided in the scheduled labs, but students are responsible for completing labs on their own time.

Click here for sample code similar to the solutions of problems in Lab 2.

Lab Times and Rooms

Here is a schedule of the lab times and rooms.

How to use scriptfix

Can be found here.
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