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This is a course page of
David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

CPSC 370: Functional and Logic Programming (2010)

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If you do not have a grade of C or higher in cpsc 100, cpsc 101, cpsc 141, cpsc 142, cpsc 200, and cpsc 281, you must have written permission of instructor or risk being de-registered.
Programming Homework:
See the separate page on Programming homework submission policies.
Examination policies:
Students are responsible for being aware of all relevant examination policies. Click here for examination policies common to all courses.
Cell phones:
If you bring a cell-phone to class, please be prepared to share your conversation with the rest of the class.
First offenses result in a grade of -100% on the assignment in question and formal notification of the College Dean. Allowing someone to copy your work is cheating. The UNBC Calendar describes academic offenses and possible penalties in more detail.
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