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David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

CPSC 100: — 2008

Laboratory Assignments

Students are responsible for getting assignments from class and for knowing due-date information from class which may or may not be reflected accurately here.

Labs are given approximately weekly, with approximately 8 lab assignments given over the semester. Help with laboratory assignments is provided in the scheduled labs, but students are responsible for completing labs on their own time.

Laboratory Assignment List
#Due dateLink
1 2008-01-?? Basic UNIX
2 2008-01-21 Simple IO
3 2008-01-28 Expressions
4 2008-02-06 Static Methods
5 2008-02-27 More on switches
6 2008-03-05 Words and Files
7 2008-03-14 A Time class
8 2008-03-26 Rainfall
9 2008-04-07 Final Accounts

Click for sample code similar to the solutions of problems in Lab 2.

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