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This is a course page of
David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

CPSC 141: Discrete Computational Mathematics I


If you do not have Math 12, or Math 115, you must have permission of instructor or risk being de-registered.
All homework must be submitted on paper that is approximately 8½×11″. All homework must be stapled in the top left-hand corner; have a complete name and student number in the top right hand corner; and be easily readable.
Examination attendance:
Students are always expected to attend examinations at their normally scheduled time. If this proves impossible, or would cause a student a grave hardship:
  • students should discuss and finalize arrangements for an alternative examination with me date at least two weeks prior to the examination.
  • Students who are unable to attend an examination at the normally scheduled time due to an unforseen circumstance in the two prior to an examination are required to contact me as soon as possible by e-mail, by telephone, or in person.
Students who have not made alternative arrangements by the time of the examination and who do not attend the examination receive 0%. Students who receive 0% for bona fide reasons which prevented them from contacing me prior to the examination and who provide me with medical or other documentation may have their course grading scheme changed appropriately.
Examination materials:
  • All non-medical electronic devices (other than ordinary wrist-watches) are prohibited during examinations. If you enter the examination room with such a device you must leave it at the front of the room.

    Such devices include: cell-phones, portable music devices, calculators, and electronic translation tools.

    As a special exception for CPSC 141 in Fall 2005 students are permitted to use calculators on Midterm I and Midterm II.

  • Students are required to bring a functioning pen, and encouraged to bring a pencil, ruler, eraser, and other drawing implements.
  • Students may not bring paper, blank or otherwise, nor any printed materials.
Attendance in this course is the student's responsibility and is not monitored by the instructor. Students are entirely responsible for being aware of material discussed in lecture, even if they are unavoidably prevented from attending.
Marking Scheme:
I reserve the right to change weightings given in the marking scheme on the course outline. Students are guaranteed that their letter grade will not decrease as the result of such a change.
Cell phones:
If you bring a cell-phone to class, please be prepared to share your conversation with the rest of the class.
First offenses result in a grade of -100% on the assignment in question and formal notification of the College Dean. Allowing someone to copy your work is cheating. The UNBC Calendar describes academic offenses and possible penalties in more detail.
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