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Acts and Bills of the BC Legislature

This web page may change from time to time. It provides links to provincial government legislations and comments on the legislation.

The University Act

The University Act sets out the rules of University Governance for public British Columbia Universities.

This Act has been most recently amended by the University Amendment Act. The latter was passed in a rush by the Provincial Government. It has the effect of

  1. authorizing several new “regional” Universities; and
  2. removing the right of faculty to participate in the election of the Chancellor.

: Much of this page was written in 2008. There are multiple amendments after 2008. The points above are still correct.

Bill 42 — 2008

This Act makes multiple changes to how elections are to be conducted in British Columbia. Perhaps its most notable provisions are strict limitations on any “political” advertising in the two months prior to an election.

These restrictions specifically do not apply to the government:

3.1(1) For greater certainty, nothing in this Act affects …(a) the government…
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