Last modified: 2020-07-03
This is a software catalog page of
David Casperson
Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Northern British Columbia

Figure: Screen shot of Emacs in action

Emacs Lisp Code

I have been using GNU Emacs for a long time, and have acquired several hundred customization files. These pages are an attempt to provide the more general and more useful of these files to others.

This software is freely provided under the terms of the GNU General Public license.

Organization and Conventions

The location of both Emacs initialization files, and my own Emacs Lisp code has changed over time, and depends to some extent on my current operating system.

Consequently, I keep my emacs init file brief, and have it do little more than modify my load-path, and load a separate file that I call Emacs_init.el. I have enough code that I organize it by directory. Each directory contains code related to one theme, and contains an init.el file that handles autoload’s and define-key’s.

Code Catalog

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Emacs Lisp Code