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agwilyaa step aside | alubaa run fast | ba'an operate | daay steer | da̱g̱at turn left | dza̱g̱a̱tgubaa run around in circles/capsize | dza̱g̱a̱ baa run across | dza̱g̱a̱ yaa go across | dza̱g̱m baa run in to shore | dza̱g̱m daawł go ashore | giisk go by | gyilksyeltk turn back | gyisi'awulks float downstream | gyisidaawł go downstream | gyisigyooksk float downstream | gyisk'ya̱n move over | gyiwula̱xłk get by | gyoo travel | g̱alksa̱baa run through | g̱alksa̱g̱oos skip | g̱a̱lksiłoot push through | g̱a̱lksiyaa go through | hadiks swim | hałbaa run along | k'uł awulksk drifting about | k'uł waay row about | k'uł yaa walk around/come out/separate out | ksi baa run out | ksi łoo swim out | kwła baa run across | kwła hadiks swim across | kwłi yaa walk across | kwtuun= go around | ḵ'ala ḵ'ameet one vessel to travel up | ḵ'ala yaaka follow | ḵ'alpgyoom hadiks swim backstroke | ḵ'an yaa walk over | ḵ'a̱łik yaa go aside | la'awk yaa walk to the front | lag̱awk= from the side of the house to the fire | la̱g̱m baa step into | lug̱awlk go around | lutgubaa roll eyes run around | luunda back and forth | 'liig̱a̱ngyaksk submerged/washed over | łoo swim | łootk crawl/slide | moxk be aboard | nook lie down | p'uu scattered | p'uul spread | sg̱agiisk pass by | sg̱a̱daawł go by | stuul accompany | tgubaa spin | ts'iin enter | ts'nkyaa walk away/back away | ts'nsbaa run away/leave behind | ts'nslooyk leave behind | ts'nsyaa back away/walk backwards | uksawulksk drift out to sea | uksgaa take out | wudnaliisk move closer/move forward/move towards | wuts'en= along the inside | wuts'enbaa run into a room | yeltk go back |