wila [*wi/la]
1. CL-INIT subordinating conjunction. that; how; what; where
Gwa̱'a̱ wila dzapsit. This is how it's done.
asga Temla̱x'am ławila nag̱a wiwilaaysgit wag̱ayt sah gya'wn from Temlax'am always remain related right to this day
"dm dam al," dawila 'nii wila waalt. "you will," and then that's what he did.
da'al wila dzag̱m yeltk, and then he returned,
Ndeł dm wila waal, ndeł dm dzag̱m yaakat? What could he do, how is he going to get ashore?
Wila waal, aa, nts'abm ya gyiyaaksi'i. How it happened, ah, our people from out to sea (Kitkatla).
Wayi 'nii wila waals dip gwii da gwii, So, this is what happened to them there,
Luk'wil ndzagm g̱ooda gwii ada txa'nii goo wila gyoo sm'ooygit. He was really impressed by this and everything that the chief was doing.
at dm wilat k'winuu gwida'ats'a gwa'a. to ask for this coat.
Wah 'nii wila waal da gwii. Well, that's how it was there.
Sm liksgye'enda goo wila waal dip gwa'a, He noticed that something was going on with these people,
Da ła wila akadi aamł ła yaa g̱ooda 'yuuta gwa'a; sgüü goo wila waals dip gwa'a. And this guy still wasn't satisfied; there must be something going on with these people.
Wayi 'ni'nii wila waalda gwii g̱an ksi a̱x'a̱xgas dip gwa'a. So that's how that happened, how those people got saved.
'Nii adawxt da gwa'a, wila waal gwa'a. This is their story, this is how it happened.
Da'ik wila sigyootk uks g̱ot, k'winuu hoon gwii. Then he would set off to go out, to ask for that fish.
Wilat ha'lig̱oodit, gyigyetga. That's what they thought, the people.
...meła goo wila waalt. ...and told what had happened to him.
Dm wila t'iilda dm p'ast, daya gisga hawt. He would grow faster, that's what he said.
"Aam" dayag̱a, dawil 'nii wila waalt. "Good," he said, and then that is what they did.
Wayi, 'nii wila waal. Now, that is what happened.
Wayi, 'ni'nii, 'nii wila waalda gwii. Now, that's how, that's how it happened.
Wayi 'nii wila waalda gwii. And that is the way it was.
'Nii wila gyik adawxsga łagyigyet da gwa'a. This again is another story that was told by the ancestors here.
Wayi 'nii wila waal da gwii, txa'nii hup'l da'ik tgi yaa sup'asm hana̱'a̱ gwa'a Now that's how it happened there, every night, again this young girl walked down,
'Niit wila galaalt tgu dawłt. That's where she'd catch sight of him going around.
Wila haw su'pasm 'yuuta gwa'a dmt naksgit. This young man said that he would marry her.
Wayi gwa̱'a̱ gyik wila waalsga Gitḵ'a'atag̱a wilaayu, This is something else I know about what happened to Hartley Bay,
Wayi dm małdu wila waalsga k'üül adawg̱m ła gyigyet. Well I will tell about what happened in one of the Myths of the olden people,
awil sup'asm sigidmna'axga gu t'in wilaay wila sigwishalaayt, because the young princess knew how to make shaman's dancing blanket,
Heelda wil liksgyeda wila dzipdzabt, g̱a̱xba ha̱ts'a̱lt, gu 'nii xbiha̱ts'a̱lt, There were many different forms, sometimes giant devil fish, which were half-devilfish,
Wayi, niidzisga k'oolda na̱ks Niisłoosga wila waals ksm Gyilak'yoo, ada gyesgit, Now the other wife of Nislos saw what the Robin Woma had done, and was very jealous,
Ada dm 'eesgn ami mi dzi 'waa małit as ligitnaa wila waal siilgidm łgaawgu. And you will also promise not to tell anyone about what happened to my oldest sister.
Da gwaay sup'asm yuuta sm 'wiileeksm t'ooxłga g̱ootga asga wila waaltga. And this young man was very heart broken because of what happened.

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