Virtual Vertebrate Collection


Ken Otter & Robin Sommerfeld


This website is designed as a study aid for students taking Biology 308 – Ornithology & Mammalogy at the University of Northern British Columbia.  The goal of this project is to provide a photographic collection of specimens in the Orders Aves and Mammalia that occur within British Columbia, Canada.   To achieve this, specimens have been photographed at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM, Toronto, Ontario), the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM, Victoria, BC), and the UNBC teaching collection.


By clicking on the links to the left for either the Birds or Mammals, you will be taken to a taxonomic list of each group, with links to photo galleries of specimens.   As the aim has been to compile the galleries, rather than make the website look fancy, you will have to use the back arrows on your browser to navigate a bit, at the moment.


This collection is a “work in progress” and our aim is to have a complete set of all BC species by summer 2015.  We will also fancy up the webpage design in the future, but hopefully you find this version at least functional.


For those outside of UNBC who would like to use the site – please feel free.  If you are the instructor of a similar course at another institution, we are happy to provide this as a resource your students can use.  Please let us know (Ken Otter) if you recommend this for your classes, as we would like to keep track of interest in the site. 










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