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   Elie Korkmaz   Professor of Physics   University of Northern British Columbia   3333 University Way   Prince George, BC V2N4Z9     Canada   Tel: 250-960-5769   Fax: 250-960-5544   Email: korkmaz@unbc.ca
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        Short CV o   1978: BSc, physics, The Lebanese University o   1979: CAPES,  physics education, The Lebanese University o   1983: MSc, physics, Indiana University o   1987: PhD, nuclear physics, Indiana University o   1988-91: research associate, University of Alberta/TRIUMF o   1991-93: research scientist, University of Alberta o   1993-96: assistant professor, UNBC o   1996-2001: associate professor, UNBC o   1999-2000: visiting scientist, TRIUMF/UBC o   2001-present: professor, UNBC o   2003: visiting professor, University of Western Ontario o   2004-2011: adjunct research professor, University of Western Ontario  Courses        Fall 2019      o   PHYS 205  -- Modern Physics I o   PHYS 406  -- Subatomic Physics        Winter 2020       o   PHYS 206  -- Modern Physics II o   PHYS 401 -- Seminar on Temporary Topics in Physics   Current Research Projects o   Experimental subatomic physics research currently focused on searches      for new physics via high-precision tests of the standard model o   Projects at TRIUMF: Ultra Cold Neutrons (UCN) facility and neutron      EDM search (n-EDM)   o   Projects at Jlab: Parity violation in electron elastic scattering on the      proton (Qweak) and on the electron (12 GeV Moller) o   Research supported by NSERC and CFI and carried out in collaboration      with scientists from U of Manitoba, U of Winnipeg, TRIUMF, and UBC   Member o   Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) o    American Physical Society (APS) o   Canadian Institute of Nuclear Physics (CINP) o   TRIUMF Users Group o   Jefferson Lab Users Group    List of publications from inSPIRE
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