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Below is all my digital music that I have created. I hope you enjoy it. Simply right click and save the file.

Also, if you like my music, feel free to re-post, mirror, remix or otherwise spread on the internet. I also would love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions. I go by the name 'DrewWilson' on ZeroPaid.

Special note: I'd like to thank my very first dedicated mirror for helping me host my music. Without Omnie's help, hosting of all of these songs would not be possible. So, please check out Omnie.net even if there isn't much on there! Every download link you see that has 'Omnie Mirror' is hosted on Omnie.net

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Please note that if/when I make more music, I'll be adding it to this page.

Music Made in 2008

Newest at the top and older at the bottom
Song/Track Download Link(s) Date Released Description
Trekkin' Omnie Mirror July 25, 2008
It's frustrating to know it's been sitting around for some time, but I haven't been able to code it into the page until now. Either way, it's finally up and I've recieved a good amount of good reviews from this song from my sources. This is basically a drum n' bass song. I haven't attempted an original Drum N' Bass song since 8 Bit warrior, but I believe I am improving quite a bit as I find more ways to add to my FL Studio program. I wanted to make something that seemed a little more 'fun' if you will. A lot of this song actually uses addons: Synapse Hydra (formerly Junglist), Poizone and Rapture to name a few. I'm basically tweaking these things a little. I won't be able to innovate a whole lot until I get a good understanding of the plug-ins, though I'm getting pretty good with Hydra these days. The baseline is a completely custom baseline using WaspXT. I pretty much set an automation clip throughout the song so that the cutoff was constantly moving in time with the beat. The sound you hear at 3:22 is a 3xosc (as usual, completely custom) and I custom editted every note to have a different amount of filtering to it (Free Filter to be precise) The sound you hear every so often (like 4:59) is also a 3xosc instrument with the pitch going up and down as fast as you can set it to give it that kind of 'whistle'-like sound (Reverb added of course) While there were a few instruments that required far less tweaking, I'd say both the completely custom instruments and the plug-in's equally made this tune great. Either way, I hope you enjoy this new tune!
Mars Migration Main Link June 28, 2008
It's been a long time since I produced anything. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control has pushed my music project this far back - mainly the whole 'writing news for another website after being forced out of a previous site' thing. It was mainly the social reprocussions of it all that I had to deal with on my end more than anything else. Either way, I'm back to producing music off and on again. Anyway, this track was produced on a brand new machine that is slightly faster. As such, I was able to upgrade the living daylights out of my software and use the extra plug-ins. Unfortunately, part way through, a plug-in crash held things back when I lost both my lead and bass (essentially, a good chunk of what makes this song cool) I was able to salvage the lead, but the bass is slightly different (a little more clicky than before) Fortunately, when the song is in high gear, you don't really notice it with the ambient touches going on among other things. I started, actually, with the lead and built the song up from there. I wasn't sure if such a lead was going to work, but by the time I was done, I'm glad I actually tried to make it work. I added a secondary lead (the bell-like stringed instrument) to mix things up a bit. The only thing I'm unsatisfied with is how it kind of sounds like the two leads don't go together enough at first even though they do as you listen to the song. Otherwise, it turned out to be a great song. I didn't anticipate it being 9:59 long, that was a total fluke when I was done mixing. I noted, after listening to the song a couple times, that it must be successfully mixed because you really don't notice it's nearly 10 minutes long. I know Jonas Steur's 'Red Shores' is over 11 minutes long and you really don't notice it because you are too busy enjoying th music. So, all in all, quite happy with the way this song turned out.

Music Made in 2007

Newest at the top and older at the bottom
Song/Track Download Link(s) Date Released Description
8 Bit warrior Main Link October 24, 2007
After some time of no releases, I finally made another great track. This is another breakbeat track with a little taste of (I think) jungle and some psy influence all packed into one excellent song. The main melody was discovered when I found out that you can use your QWERT keyboard as a piano keyboard in your software. I detuned the 3x OSC and played around with the keyboard, detuned some more, played with the keyboard, thought I was going somewhere, then did some additional detuning and after some fooling around with the piano, the melody suddenly came to me. The melody seemed to match the detuning niceley and it only required minimal filtering in the end. Built up the beats around it, then cloned the custom preset for the melody and detuned it some more to add a verse to it. After some fiddling with the beats, I felt that, although the beat was great, was a bit repetitive, so I added some completely different beats. It was an experimental stage (well, OK, the whole song was an experiment really) where I wasn't sure if the beat would really work, but it turned out that it was pretty good and added an extra feel to the song. After some additional (long and hard work) added some background melodies, a few ambient bits and a few effects. After some additional mixing (two months of work total) this song was finally produced! Quite happy with how this one turned out in the end. The name kind of came to me about half way through production and I couldn't think of a better name for it, so it stuck.
Nine Inch Nails remixed by Frozen IceCube - Capital G (Trance Remix Sample Beta 1.0) Omnie Mirror August 18, 2007
Special thanks to those who point out that I'm missing a link to the sample of the remix of Nine Inch Nails. This is essentially a sample of what I'm working on for the Nine Inch Nails whos artist released the multitrack version of this song which enables remixing. Anyway, I'm hoping to, eventually, get this remix completed because I have a number of ideas on where to take this remix as it is. I hope this is enough to tide everyone over in the mean time though!
Frozen IceCube Remixes Current Value - Death Marching (Sureal 21st Century Remix) Omnie Mirror (Completion Date) June 30th, 2007
(Date released) October 13th, 2007
This is probably the first time I made a posting here about a track that, although complete, is currently unreleased. The reason is that the competition I entered isn't over, but when it's all over, I'll probably post it here as well. Some people organize competitions differently and I'll respect the rules when I enter them.
1 Hour Rock Main Link June 18, 2007
This is something I quickly put together with the Slayer 2 plug-in I got ahold of recently. I played around with the plug-in for a little while to get a good basic understanding of how that works. Shortly after, I realised I hadn't made a song in a long time, so I made a challenge for myself to make a track using the Slayer 2 plug-in in under an hour. This is what the resulting track was. Slayer 2 is an electric guitar plug-in and will likely help things out should I have the urge to give a rock twist to any future songs.
Log S Remixed by DJ Frozen IceCube - Under the Subduction (Cool and Warm Remix) Omnie Mirror April 27, 2007
This was entered in a remix contest that was posted on SoundClick by Log S. The original mix can be streamed here. the winners will be on an upcoming EP, but I'm told I'm allowed to post what I make anywhere I want as well provided it's for non-commercial purposes. I happily complied with that and am posting it here. Using the samples provided, I made a sort of remix that starts out ambient, then warms up to a more electronica/uptempo song (hence the name 'cool and warm remix'). This is the first song that has any relationship (as far as I know) to the genre 'Industrial' so I knew from the get-go that I was trying something new. Despite screwing up the Beats Per Minute while synthesising and mixing this, I think this turned out very smooth and well. I hope this is a winner, but I'm told I have got some competition as well for this contest. Either way though, enjoy!
End of the Road Direct Link April 9, 2007
Another Goa-Tranc-like track. I wanted to make an instrument that was relatively unique and something that, at least I, havn't heard of before. So the main instrument wasn't even really inspired by anything other then some work I put in to the 3x oscilator. After I made the instrument, the main melody (the one in the beginning) kinda came to me. After I made the instrument and melody, I let this track set in the back-burner to work on other tracks (which included Space Rays among other tracks) A while ago after I remixed Space Rays and released 'Dear World Radio', I got some more work done on this one. I added a gate effect, then some drums and a Trance secondary intro. After that, I let this set on the back-burner again until the last couple of days where I finally opened this thing up and mixed the rest of the song and released it. It was originally intended to have a more ambient feel originally when I started this track (a bit like some of the Jonas Steur tracks) After getting some extra compliments for my Beats N' Synth track from fans, I decided to give this track a harder trance feeling to it instead (with a few elemental ideas I got from SilverTear) This was synthesised at 310BPM and probably also made with some disparity I've been experienceing offline.
Alien Technology Omnie Mirror April 4, 2007
I've been talking for a while about this track. Something along the lines of 'I'm currently working on a Drum N' Bass track'. Essentially, this is an experiment that I think turned out well considering it's a first attempt. It's probably more of an ambient Drum 'N Bass or possibly an Electro Drum N' Bass since it does have a lighter feel to it. I've also been working on this sucker for some time trying to perfect it as best I could. I've learned a lot about Drum N' Bass making this track actually - mainly about the rhythm of the genre. I noticed that a lot of tracks have an emphasis on a snare drum along with a number of different drum kick combinations. Probably one of the simplest differences between this genre and Trance where trance is merely a drum kick that is occasionally changed up throughout the truck briefly (though it's that drum kick that defines it as a trance track) I tried being as creative with this track as best I could - particularly with the percussions. Though keeping to my generally progressive style, keeping it nicely progressive as well like that of Logistics and Sub Focus tracks. Anyway, lots of fun, lotsa learning done, and a whole new track. Does it get any better then that? :)
Ride the Skyrunner (Out of This World Remix) Omnie Mirror March 4, 2007
This originally came from an old SNES game called 'EarthBound'. It's one of the very few games I can remember actually playing after I had actually beaten. Despite a cheesy storyline, it's still probably one of the best games I have ever played (Can't Ness get a half decent speed rating at level 99???) It also, of course, has an awsome soundtrack. One of my favorites from the game was the SkyRunner song. After all these years, I finally got a chance to remix the song. I borrowed a MIDIrip from VGMusic. I admit, it was a really well done MIDIrip and I wondered if I could really add much to it. Well, after some playing around, I realised that there was actually a missing ambient effect (something I added into my remix) I'm not sure what the official places for the ambient effects are, but I added what I could in what just seemed to fit. I rearranged the intro a little and added my own ending. Basically, in the intro, the bass was muted from the instrument used and gradually brought in (though, I know for some, it would be a bit hard to tell since it's so subtle) Anyway, my first release in almost a couple of months, so enjoy!
Space Rays (Reflect Remix) Main Link January 16, 2007
I finally made a remix of my own work. I felt that this was one of the better tracks I've made, so I remixed it to see if I can make it as good. Turned out pretty good. It was an exclusive for a radio interview I've had earlier this evening, so I let them be the first to hear it (because it was a special occasion, so I made a special track for them) I think it turned out pretty good (the show itself was awsome!) Anyway, I kept my promise and it's now online. Enjoy!
In Your Head Main Link January 01, 2007
Actually, I completed this on December 28, 2005. I just wanted to do a bit of a site redesign before this got posted. This was probably one of the fastest mixes I have ever done. It took me roughly three days to complete. In this track, I finally got to use an acapella I had acquired a long time ago. Almost everything is done via filtered 3x osc's. Exceptions are bass, the string, the acapella (of course), and all the percussions. This is basically a track that kinda morphs in an interesting way throughout. It starts off as mostly the sounds of a radio, then leads into an interesting melody that, to, morphs in a neat little way. Then the song kicks off and seems to finish at about 2 minutes in. You hear the modified crash which essentially is the point at where the song goes from 270BPM to 300BPM. It then goes to a few stages of morphing and there's a sort of surprise new melody. I'm personally partial to the second melody myself. I then combine both melodies. The seong ends with second melody fading out with only the acapellas and string remaining. The radio static returns for a few moments, then the song finishes with the first string loop, then the second acapella. I like how this one turned out partially because I was able to do more interesting stuff with the percussions. Enjoy! :)

Music Remixed by Other Artists

Essentially, this is the pressie section! Thanks a million!
Song/Track Download Link Date Recieved Description
SkyRunner (Out of This World Remix)/Torture Chamber Mashup (Mashup by LiveTS) Omnie Mirror March 5, 2007
LiveTS is a user from Slyck who made a great mashup of my track 'SkyRunner (Out of This World Remix)' with a non RIAA artist 'Edan'. He used portions of the track 'Torture Chamber' from the album 'Beauty & the Beat' (Amazon Link) I definitely liked it. A neat twist to the track. Thanks!
Secret Lab (SCRaTCH aTTaCK ReMiX) Mirror, Main Link February 16, 2006
Scratch said: "threw in a bit of bass and some beats......even this was quite hard as some of the phrasing was quite tricky......As a track on its own, the section lengths don't really matter but if others are to easily remix, best to keep each section as multiples of 8 bars at minimum - preferably 16 bar sections for total DJ/remix -friendliness"

Scratch is a great buddy of mine even though we live hundreds of thousands of miles away from each other (all the way accross the pond!) We met each other on Slyck and the rest is history. This was a really cool remix. A great drum and bass remix (feel free to slap me if I'm mistaken on that so I can change it Scratch ;-) ) with a lowered tempo gives it a renewed feel to the track. Of course, Scratch has years and years of music background on me, so he knows entire libraries more then me. I linked his original music somewhere above if your interested in his music (recommended stuff by the way!) Someday I might be as good as him... in the mean time, I'll be fiddling with filters and figureing out how they all work gradually. Heck, Scratch was the guy that got me into making music in the first place and has been a great source of inspiration and encouragement.
Technolotics Rant Remix (SCRaTCH aTTaCK Remix) Main Link August 28, 2006
SCRaTCH aTTaCK returns to remix again. What's this? This isn't any of IceCube's songs! In fact, it was IceCube's rant. I actually recieved this two days befor the release, but have been so busy, hadn't gotten a chance to get around to posting it until now. I sincerely appologise for the lengthy delay and I felt terrible for not posting it up sooner. Oh well, I hope everyone can forgive me, but the song is posted now!

Music Credits

Below is a list of places my music has been featured on. Hopefully the list will increase in size as I make more music.
Track Appearance Official Date of Appearance Additional Information
(Multiple) CFUR Radio January 16, 2007 - ?
Did an interview for CFUR Radio which featured a number of my tracks (Space Rays, In Your Head, Secret Lab, Ghost Trance, Beats N' Synth, Flute, I'm Dreaming of Food Again, Space Rays (Reflect Remix) and Dark Garden... though not necessarily in that order) They asked for a copy of my music so they can play it more often... so it was a hit? ;)
TechTalk Theme Beta 2.1 Tech Talk (Introduction theme as of the July 1st 'Grab Bag' hour long special episode (episode 65) July 1, 2006
One day I asked Trent, host of TechTalk, if he needed any official theme music. He said that he wouldn't mind something and that it would mean that he wouldn't have to do as much work finding new music, so I whipped something up and editted to his liking (hence the Beta 2.1 title) I didn't really mind it a whole lot making minor modifications to the overall theme at all either. He seemed pretty happy with it which is quite nice :)

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