Outreach and media

Public outreach component of my PhD thesis played at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge in Stuie BC, August 2010. The event was hosted by Katie Hayhurst and Dennis Kuch and included a walk to visit pikas at a local talus.

Amur tiger media coverage by the BBC, July 2009

Article in the Coast Mountain News, September 2010


The above piece of (negative) publicity was received in October 2014, following a the UNBC news release below. I think it is important that I expose this here, given how easy it is to accuse and chastise others when our perspectives aren’t aligned. My rebuttal can be found here, I am still awaiting a reply from the author(s) of the post:

Dear Edward,

I came across this paper you wrote last year following a news release from research I have undertaken in the past on the american pika, which by the way is a lagomorph and not a rodent.


I was rather amused at your absolute erroneous interpretation of overly digested information that you must have sourced from dubious websites. I would suggest that instead of using such low quality sources, please reach out to the researchers who have dedicated a significant chunk of their lives to objectively understanding nature with no conflicts of interest whatsoever.

Perhaps a good start would be reading this paper, which I have spent my grant money on providing open access for all to read:


If I may ask for a favor, please CC Pierre L. Gosselin in your reply.

All the best, Philippe Henry

Penticton Herald: March 20 2016