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Lonicera involucrata    ( Black twinberry )


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Lonicera involucrata-general description.jpg
Species: Lonicera involucrata (Richards.) Spreng.

Depiction: Perennial, found in moist soils and clearings; along streambanks, meadows and swamps; low to moderate elevation.

Photographer: Roy Rea

Available images of Lonicera involucrata:

>Lonicera involucrata general description<

Lonicera involucrata spring image-developing flower buds

Lonicera involucrata spring image-flower

Lonicera involucrata spring image-general

Lonicera involucrata spring image-leaves

Lonicera involucrata winter description

Lonicera involucrata winter image-dried fruit

Lonicera involucrata winter image-square stems