Environmental Engineering Student Association
University of Northern British Columbia

About us

Welcome to EESA!

We represent the Environmental Engineering student body at UNBC, nested in BC's northern capital Prince George. Our program is a unique joint degree between UNBC and UBC; we start our 1st and 2nd year at UNBC, 3rd and 4th year at UBC Vancouver, finish off with one additional term back at UNBC, and receive our degree with crests from both universities!

As student representatives our objectives are:
I. To act as a liaison between Engineering students and faculty at UNBC
II. To be an academic and social resource
III. To represent UNBC Engineering students at external events, conferences, and competitions
IV. To promote Environmental Engineering

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Participating Events

Western Engineering Competition (WEC)

Testing Engineers' problem solving, team-building, communication, and drinking skills since 1985.

WEC 2019

Western Engineering Students' Societies Team (WESST) Annual General Meeting Retreat

Camping! Socializing! And of course voting on administrative/operative decisions.


WESST Executives' Meeting

Transition meeting for the executives of Western Canada's Engineering Student Member Societies.


Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) Congress

Meet with and learn from student leaders and industry professionals from over 40 Engineering schools across Canada!

CFES Congress 2019

Conference on Diversity in Engineeering (CDE)

For the world without bias, CFES presents Conference on Diversity in Engineering for discussion and promotion on the subject.

CDE 2018

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