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I am not here right now...

Hello. In September of 2010, I relocated our research program to the Department of Entomology at the University of Minnesota.

Despite no longer being in residence at UNBC, I am still an adjunct faculty member in the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies graduate program. Although all of my graduate students came along to the University of Minnesota, they will complete their degrees from UNBC. I have the utmost respect for my dedicated faculty colleagues in the Ecosystem and Management Program, and will always be a proud member of the Forest Insect Research Group.

Members of my lab are still conducting research in the Canadian West. Projects primarily centre on the invasion biology of mountain pine beetle, most notably as part of an $8M multidisciplinary mountain pine beetle system genomics project, termed TRIA II.

If you are looking for me, you may find me on the 4th floor of Hodson Hall at the University of Minnesota, where I have a lovely corner office... although the views may not be quite as good as those around Prince George.

Bye for now.


Picture of Brian Aukema with back turned, Jasper, AB