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Location: PG Public Library, 338.47 Ber
1920 – dimension lumber selling (rough) at $32 per thousand board feet, (planed at $38 per thousand board feet); all major mills busy: United Grain Growers (the largest), Eagle Lake at Giscome, Upper Fraser Lumber Company, Aleza Lake Mills, Hansard Lake Lumber, Penny Lumber, Gale and Trick at Hansard Lake, and eleven other smaller mills (p. 31)
Early 40’s: The larger operations at Penny, Sinclair Mills, Upper Fraser and Giscome milled day and night (p. 51)
1959: Midway Terminals bought Sinclair Mills and Upper Fraser, later the Co. changed its name to National Forest Products (p. 104)
Oct.4, 1967 Strike (IWA) at Northwood’s Eagle Lake, McGregor, Upper Fraser (p. 108)
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Logging was declared an essential industry. A law was passed allowing timber to be taken from anywhere necessary (date is not stated in text). The big operators at Penny, Sinclair Mills, Upper Fraser and Giscome milled as long as there was logs to cut, day or night, and still needed more production (p.11)
1967: The workers in McGregor, Eaglet Lake, Upper Fraser and other Northwood operations were organizing a strike committee, picketing, filling in strike relief forms for each worker and holding meetings (p. 56)
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Location: PG Public Library, 971.12 Ram LOC.  Copy in file: Academic Papers
Post office opened - Aug. 1, 1942, by Sam Laird (p. 51)
It was one of the last of the post offices to be opened along the Upper Fraser (p. 51)
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Copy of Article in File: Academic Papers
Aug. 13, 1942:
Upper Fraser Spruce Mills Camp 13 was shut down temporarily, the crew was taken to fight the forest fire at Purden Lake (p. 25)
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Location: Prince George Public Library, Local History Vertical File.  File name at Library: Forests and Forestry - BC - PG.  Copy of item in file: Forestry
Northwood Mines acquired the assets of Sinclair Spruce Mills Ltd. And Upper Fraser Spruce Mills Ltd.
The name "Northwood Mills Ltd." was incorporated
Doug Little came to P.G. as Woods Manager of the Company (p. 4)
amalgamation of TFL 30, 31 and 34 in the Upper Fraser area into one TFL (p. 10)